The Last Zionist

Documentary | 50 min. | Directed and Produced by Avi Dabach |  2011

The story of a ninety years old youngster. A restless Zionist, and charming prophet of wrath.   Dov yirmia, born in 1914, has participated in WW2, as well as in the first Lebanon war in 1982. In between, he married three times, wounded severely in a battle ,and composed a few songs.  He’s as vital as a teenager, but he thinks the state of Israel hasn't got much time left. A cinematic biography of the stormy life of a man, with a unique and critical point of view on the Israeli society, and an exceptional strong memory of the events he witnessed. Premiered at the Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem 2011.

Edited by Miki Cohen Bar-lev  | Photographed by Amnon Schwartz

Watch the trailer:

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