The Lost Crown


The “lost Crown” is a documentary new-media venture for tracking down the crown of Aram Zova, with the goal of uncovering not only the missing pages but also the stories, memories and secrets of the Aleppo community. It is a world-wide detective quest, which will unveil the stories of people, families and small communities, once part of a large and glorious community, and one mystery of an old and precious book, shrouded with secrecy to this very day.

The crown of Aram Zova is considered to be both the earliest and most accurate known written manuscript of the Hebrew bible, in current existence. Written in Tiberius in the 10th century BC, it later drifted until it reached the Syrian city of Aleppo (also known as Aram Zova). The codex became the treasured possession of the Jewish community in Aleppo, and was kept in the synagogue within a secret vault. In 1947, during riots targeted at the Jewish community, the synagogue was damaged and the secret vault was broken. It was not until ten years had passed that the book found its way to Israel, but only part of it; a third of it, including the part containing the Torah, had disappeared.


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