The Lost Crown

The Mystery of the Aleppo Codex – The oldest Bible in the world, preserved for centuries in Syria, until much of it disappeared. Murder and corruption mixed with cultural conflict, in a historical detective story.

Who took the sacred treasure of Aleppo? A true detective story about the mystery of the Aleppo Codex , a.k.a The Crown – the most important and valuable Bible in the world. It was preserved in Aleppo for centuries  – until much of it mysteriously disappeared while smuggled to Israel in 1957. Archival documents and rare testimonies reveal a story of sanctuary and corruption, secrets and murder. Antique dealers, Stubborn Rabbis, Secret service agents and one President with a strong passion for manuscripts, mixed in  a historic detective thriller. The story describes a harsh cultural clash between the ancient, proud Aleppian Jewish community and the establishment of the young Israeli state.

To be released on summer 2018.

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