Video art & Experimental films


Video installation | Loop, 3 screens | 2015

"Ever since the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, it is difficult to walk around a big city without recalling the image of the disaster violently burned into our memories. The image of the city skyline has become a symbol of former strength that has broken and collapsed. The video installation work addresses this image of brokenness and its presence in our minds. The work both weaves together and unravels the human disaster, while simultaneously bringing us closer and distancing us from it. It sends the disaster into a natural primordial/futuristic space."

The work premiered at the Musrara Mix 15 art festival, Jerusalem.


The Altruist

Experimental | 11 min. | Directed Photographed and Edited by Avi Dabach | 2009

Trauma, Post Trauma, and the power of poetry:  Micha Shalvi came back from the war, but the war stayed within him.

Hineni (Here I am)

Experimental | 10 min. | Directed Photographed and Edited by Avi Dabach | Cast: Makram J. Khoury, Adi Koplevitz | 2011

Based on fragments from  Fear and Trembling / Søren Kierkegaard

Watch the trailer:

These Booklets we yearn for

Video | 2:25 min. | 2011

One day, Tal Nitzan, a Hebrew poet and editor, finds a surprising letter in her mail.


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