Place – a VR story

November 1947: Sarah Shammah makes a dangerous journey back to her hometown of Aleppo, Syria, to meticulously photograph every corner of the centuries-old Great Synagogue she grew up in. Days later, the synagogue is destroyed and Sarah manages to escape with her negatives. Place uses Sarah’s smuggled photographs to take you back to one sunny winter day in the life of this ancient building and tell the untold story of an extraordinary woman making her own way in a man’s world.

Created by: Avi Dabach, Harmke Heezen, Judith Manassen-Ramon, Mike Robbins

Produced by: High Road Stories & Micha’s Films

In collaboration with Israel Museum Jerusalem.

Created with the photos of Sarah Shammah – courtesy of Ora & Avraham Haver.

Articles about Place: Tablet Magazine | Haaretz | Jerusalem Post

Supported by:
The Film & Media Collaborative Gesher Multicultural Film Fund | AVI CHAI | Maimonides Fund.

Medienboard Berlin – Brandenburg.

Israel Cinema Project – The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.

Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, The Cultural Administration
The Israel Film Council.