Avi Dabach
 |  Creating documentaries & VR 

Born in 1972, Jerusalem.

Graduate with distinction of the Sam Spiegel Film School, Jerusalem, 2002.

Created with 3 partners the VR project  "Place", shown at the Israel Museum since June 2022.

Directed the detective documentary "The Lost Crown", Broadcast at Kan-11 (IPBC), 2019. 63 min. documentary / Interactive.

Produced and directed  the documentary "The Last Zionist", premiered at the Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem 2011.

Manager & Curator of the Musrara Collection project 2011-2015.  Musrara collection is a visual on-line archive about the historic events of the Black Panthers in Israel. The project won the prize of the ministry of culture in 2013,  and presented 3 exhibitions.

:More works

 Evrybody speaks poetry | 8 works inspired by T. Carmi’s poetry | 2007-2011. Poetry films. 30 min. | Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin 2010. Rattapallax literary film festival, New york 2010. Selected works from the series were presented in festivals in Spain, Portugal, France, India, Japan, Canada, Israel, and more.

Conversations | 2007- Experimental -12 min. | Based on text by Bertold Brecht |  Leith Film Festival, Edinburgh 2007. Kansk film festival 2007. The museum of Holon, Israel 2008.

Young David | 2005 – Poetry film – 05:30 min.  based on poem by Yehuda Amichai | 1st Prize for Poetry films. Potenza Film Festival, Italy, 2006. Zebra Award Poetry Film Festival, Berlin 2006. "Another look" Prize – Euromedcafe 2005. Haifa Film Festival, Israel  2005.

Insomnia | 2004 – Video – 05:00 min. | Biennale of Venice, 2004. Stiftung Bauhaus Exhibition, Germany, 2005.

 Fast | 2004 – Experimental – 13:00 min.Jerusalem Film Festival, 2004

 Andalusian Doggy | 2001 – Documentary – 18:00 min. |  Kalamata Film Festival, Greece, 2002. Channel 2, Israel TV.

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